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Board Certified Integrative Pediatrician Sheila Kilbane, MD,
and the patient care team at Infinite Health are accepting new patients.

The staff includes a registered pharmacist, a naturopathic doctor, a chiropractor, a nurse practitioner, and a health coach.

We work on each child's case as a team using Dr. Kilbane's proven 7-Step Process to heal the root cause of common, recurring childhood illnesses.

Does Your Child:

  • Suffer from any of the following: reflux, eczema, recurrent ear or sinus infections, chronic runny nose, asthma, abdominal pain, or constipation?

  • Require frequent trips to the doctor but they are still sick?

  • Require recurrent rounds of antibiotics, laxatives, or steroids?

Do You:

  • Worry that you are putting a Band-Aid on the root of the problem?

  • Spend hours at night Googling for a better solution? 

  • Wonder if you’re doing the right things to keep your child as healthy as possible?

...if so, contact Infinite Health.

Infinite Health is a Membership Practice

  • Our practice is focused on children with common, recurring illnesses including reflux, eczema, recurrent ear and sinus infections, chronic runny nose, allergies, asthma, abdominal pain, and constipation/loose stools.

  • We work in partnership with your primary care physician/pediatrician and any specialists/therapists that you are currently seeing.

  • We do not offer primary care services such as school physicals, vaccinations, and well-child visits..

  • We are considered out-of-network for insurance plans.

  • Some of our services can often be reimbursed through FSAs, HSAs, and after-deductible benefits.

  • Our services are only available to practice members.

Let's get your child Thriving again!

Office Hours

Monday, Closed

As a team, we dedicate Mondays to perform research, review labs, discuss patient cases, and prepare for patient appointments.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30a – 5:00p

Friday 9:30a – 12:00p

Phone: 704-626-6771
Fax: 704-452-0488

Address: 2201 Park Rd. Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28203

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